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The Upcoming Voids that Pandemic will Leave

With the hasty blowout of COVID-19, the government departments have to take a raging step of shutting down the schools, universities, and all educational institutes for the time being in order to control the disorderly situation. This nationwide closure of the education sector has made a huge impact on 70% of the student population around the world. The most shaken, and alarming thing is that the student, a young mind is out of educational institutes.

The void that the COVID-19 is creating is raising questions in the minds that, is our education system equipped to deal with this war?  Because the world never anticipated a situation like this ever before. Therefore, the situation has put the educational sectors in a halt. The system is inexperienced and clueless about what the future holds for us. So, this undulation caused by quarantine affect educators, and the learners on a large scale waiting for the end of this challenge. In this situation, the combined collaboration of teachers and a student is quite helpful so that this time does not go waste.

The aftermath of COVID-19 could be changing the outlook on a global scale. On the other hand, this generation is working together to overcome the biggest challenge of the time. Thus, the education sector is solely thinking of alternative ways to encounter the challenges and shape the bright future of education. The education system is preparing young minds to encounter the future in the newest way. The few changes that the society most probably witness in future are:

Calamities in Technology Funding

To remove the void collaboratively. The schools, colleges, and universities will require technology findings. So, it is quite reasonable as the educators, and students both demand technology to stay connected, and continue the education process, and working together. For a better distance education system from technology, funding will have to improve.

Halt to Extra-Curricular Activities

The growth of students is dependent on extra-curricular activities outside the class. These activities include clubs, arts, athletics, gyms, and other sports-related activities. This all is put into a pause, and no one can predict until when will it break.

Stress in Adopting New Way of Learning

Because students especially children are habituated and well-familiar with the old way of learning. Therefore, the adoption of new ways could be distracting, and complex for them to learn. Further, the rates of domestic abuse and custody arrangements have already increased in this epidemic. That is putting a negative impact on the minds of students.


New Keys to Innovations


While one door has been shut, it is high time to open another door. Thus, the new door is the adoption of electronic learning. So, the educators of are striving to bring an innovative change. That is re-positioned the education system on a global scale. The COVID-19 is becoming a novel threat to the world, but this situation has brought a good opportunity for the students to utilize their unique skills. The collaborative way of decision making, learning new ideas, and creative problem-solving in improving adaptability. Giving students a chance to utilize their skills is only possible by giving priority to them, and resilience must include in the education system.


The, and COVID-19


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