• https://assignmentshelp.uk/ knows that the security and privacy of our service users are most significant. Therefore, we set privacy policies, and implement them very seriously to make our customers ensure of steps, and procedures that we follow. We regard your private data which you share with us or we collect through cookie services.


  • The algorithms held all user’s personal information. Further, there are strict policies. So, our users can be confident that any third party or even tutor cannot use any of their information .


  • As https://assignmentshelp.uk/ uphold with Paypal stringent privacy policies. Thus, the Paypal handle all the user’s payments processes. This is to make sure that payments and credit card data stay secure, and no one could get access.


  • https://assignmentshelp.uk/ reserve the right to divulge your personally identifiable information (PII) to government organizations if it is mandatory for the protection of https://assignmentshelp.uk/ rights required by law needed for legal proceedings, court order, or judicial processes.


  • We, at the reserve a right to amend any privacy statement anytime we feel it necessary. We request all the customers either new ones or older ones to review the privacy policies of https://assignmentshelp.uk/ every so often. Every party has to follow these policies.
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