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Copyright Statement

This website has copyright content material which is completely own by https://assignmentshelp.uk/. Even though, the print of this content can be used for non-commercial purposes. No other customer or any company has a right to utilize and/or modify the content of https://assignmentshelp.uk/ for commercial use. The https://assignmentshelp.uk/ has reserved all the rights that are stated in the policy section of this webpage.

All services that aim to provide students have the copyright license of https://assignmentshelp.uk/. The https://assignmentshelp.uk/ has an exclusive right, and complete ownership lies with https://assignmentshelp.uk/. The reselling of copyrights is not permissible regardless of any circumstances. The https://assignmentshelp.uk/ has to give authorization permission to the other party, only, in that case, the other party have an exclusive right to utilize work.

Fair Use Policy & Disclaimer

It is not permissible to copy the assignment services, and no one can take credit for it under copyright statute.

Usage and Limits

If the customer is availing our services ages under ten then to subscribe to https://assignmentshelp.uk/ the student should have the consent of the parent / legal guardian. The user must be ten or bigger age-wise to take advantage of our services.

We provide personalize receipt to the consumer of our assignment services. The user can not transfer the rights to receive the services, or to access the academic material to another party. That is until, and unless https://assignmentshelp.uk/ mutually give approval by writing to do so.

For the non-commercial, and personal usage https://assignmentshelp.uk/ gives you a little authority. Only the written consent from https://assignmentshelp.uk/ enables you to use, modify, download, copy, display, distribute, reproduce, transmit, duplicate, and even offer for sale any of the information that you obtain from https://assignmentshelp.uk/.

The user when register the services must have to affirm that the academic information the scholars provide them should only be used for educational purposes. Therefore, the student can not submit this information as student’s original work for grades/course credits.

The https://assignmentshelp.uk/ reserve a right to dismiss the license of the user if any of the terms, and conditions are not followed properly by the user.




Liability Limitation

There are no liability clauses we have for contract delay or interruption. The https://assignmentshelp.uk/ will not be responsible for any data loss or damage in your server, network, or PC.

The software we use are reliable. The professionals we own for your assignments ensure error-free and smooth operation, but we can’t take a security guarantee about the access of another server to our website. The https://assignmentshelp.uk/ reserve a right to suspend the access in case of scheduled maintenance, or updating of our website.

The https://assignmentshelp.uk/  is also not responsible for any case of non-access to our website due to the breakdown of our site due to any links/ equipment failure beyond our control. Because the assignments help is a subjective matter, therefore we are no more responsible for the failure of students in any course. The assignment writers are experts in their respective fields, and always eager to help you.

Every assignment once delivered to the students is listed under the product sold, so for any fall in the grades the https://assignmentshelp.uk/ shall offer reworks, but there is no refund policy. Restrictions are there for the expert writer in case of any mismatch of expectations. The payment plan that the customer chooses decides the timeline for delivery of any rework.

Revision and Refund Policy

Kindly refer to the REVISION AND REFUND POLICY section of https://assignmentshelp.uk/.

Privacy Policy

Kindly refer to the PRIVACY POLICY section of https://assignmentshelp.uk/.


There no affect on the validity of other contract terms if any of these terms become unenforceable in part, or as a whole.


The https://assignmentshelp.uk/ reserve the solitary right to modify terms and conditions without serving notice. The latest version of terms and conditions will surpass former versions.


The https://assignmentshelp.uk/ reserve a right to demand a membership fee/ subscription for using our services (any).


The service agreement can be terminated by https://assignmentshelp.uk/ on whole or partially anytime.

Entire Agreement

The latest agreements that are made between https://assignmentshelp.uk/ and the student will be superseded over all previous ones.


When you subscribe to https://assignmentshelp.uk/ services, the user will receive the subscription email about our services updates, and promotional offers.

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